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About Us

raana arts - handcrafted gifts

Who are we?

“Raana Arts” is a gift shop that made high-quality handmade gift items.

We make high-quality, premium, hand-crafted gifts. Explore our product collection for beautiful birthday gifts, flower bouquets, dreamcatchers, and many more hand-crafted gifts.

Frequently asked questions

We mainly sell gifts like dreamcatchers, flower bouquets, birthday cards.

All of those products are 100% hand-crafted using high quality materials. 

Our shop is based in Sri Lanka. 

We will ship an item within 1 to 7 days after you placed the order. We will try to ship your item as soon as possible, but sometimes it will take a little bit longer because sometimes we have to make the item after the placement of your order. 

After shipped, item will arived to you within 10 to 30 days.

We will inform the order details in an email after you placed the order.

We use “international registered post for small packages” for shipping purposes.

We will provide you with a tracking code after the item was shipped. It will activate within 24h and then you can track your order using that code.

Please refer to our return policy section.